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At MAJ Consulting, LLC, we specialize in navigating the complexities of land acquisition and right of way management. With a proven track record in projects like the California High Speed Rail and collaborations with major energy providers, our team ensures seamless progress and maximized budgets in critical infrastructure development.

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Expert Right of Way Management & Consulting Services

“Our focus is not just on completing projects but on building the foundations for future growth.”

We are a Land Services Consulting firm providing real estate support for physical infrastructure, asset expansion and development. We are subject matter experts with over 30 years of direct experience. Our team services public & private land & leasehold agencies & divisions. MAJ Consulting provides professional support to energy industry operators and suppliers, state, federal and local agencies. These competencies, coupled with emerging technologies that include drone and mapping services allows us to offer a turn-key approach to right of way and land acquisition support.

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Expert Right Of Way Management & Consulting Services
At MAJ Consulting, our focus is not just on completing projects but on building the foundations for future growth.

Michael A. Jones Sr.

Managing Member MAJ Consulting


Trusted Across America

Our clientele is the heartbeat of our firm. We partner with a diverse range of clients from various sectors, including government agencies, energy service providers, and private infrastructure firms.


Our Key Differentiators

We distinguish ourselves through a unique combination of strengths that set us apart in the realm of Right-of-Way acquisition and land services. Our approach is not just about providing services; it’s about delivering unparalleled value through our distinct attributes:

Teamwork: A Collaborative Approach

We believe in the power of collaboration, both within our team and with our clients. This synergy is at the heart of our operations, ensuring that every project benefits from a multitude of perspectives, expertise, and insights.

Value: Cost-Effective Solutions

Understanding the importance of budgetary efficiency, we operate with a low overhead structure. This approach translates directly into cost savings for our clients, allowing them to maximize their program budgets.

Industry Experience & Education

Our team is not just experienced; we are subject matter experts, deeply entrenched in the latest industry practices and standards. Our extensive experience and ongoing education in the field positions us as authoritative voices.

technical Skills

Advanced Data Management: In a world driven by data, our technical skills give us a competitive edge. We utilize industry-standard data management and processing software to provide detailed data analysis, enabling us to present clients with up-to-date information on project progress and budget management. This technical prowess allows us to handle complex data efficiently and accurately, ensuring informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Revolutionizing Project Management with sUAS - Drone Operations at MAJ Consulting

FAA Part 107 sUAS certified

MAJ Portfolio

Recent Project Representation

Explore some of our diverse portfolio of projects at MAJ Consulting, LLC. Each project represents our commitment to excellence in Right-of-Way acquisition and land services. 

California High Speed Rail Alignment

// California High Speed Rail, CHSR, Central Valley, CA.

Non-MAJ Consulting Contract - Right of Way oversight manager under the prime consultant on a segmant of the CHSR.

Boardwalk Pipeline, Midwest Region

// Boardwalk Pipeline - Midwest Region

Completed General Right of Way consulting services for operations and maintenance - Midwest Region

USA-GSA, Southeast Regional Office

// United States of America - GSA, southeast Regional Office

Title search and review services for for the sale of governmental offices in the States of Kentucky and Alabama.
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Nationwide Operations

Aerial Innovation Squadron

Meet our Aerial Innovation Squadron, the dynamic team powering our sUAS Operations. Comprising skilled pilots, tech-savvy engineers, and data analysis experts.

We're not just operating drones; we're transforming the way aerial data is collected and utilized. The precision, efficiency, and safety of our operations make a real difference in our projects.
Vic Ferguson
GIS Coordinator


Right of Way Acquisition Consultants

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Non-MAJ Consulting Contract - Right Of Way Oversight Manager Under The Prime Consultant On A Segmant Of The CHSR.

MAJ Consulting’s Expertise In Land Acquisition And Right Of Way Management

In the intricate world of infrastructure development, the journey from concept to completion is paved with numerous challenges. One of the most critical yet often underappreciated aspects of this journey is land acquisition and right of way management. At MAJ Consulting, LLC, we pride ourselves on our expertise in this vital field, ensuring that our clients’ projects progress smoothly and efficiently. Our Specialization: The Heart Of Infrastructure Projects At MAJ Consulting, we specialize in navigating the complexities inherent in land

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