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Michael A. Jones

Managing Member

“At MAJ Consulting Services, our specialized service focuses on facilitating Right of Way Acquisitions, a crucial step in securing land access for various infrastructure projects, whether in the realms of transportation, utilities, or other vital developments.”

Trust our expertise to guide you through every facet of the Right of Way Acquisition process. Seamless access to the land needed for your project's success.

Easement and Right of Way (ROW) Acquisitions

Our comprehensive approach encompasses the entire process, from identifying suitable properties to negotiating with landowners for the necessary rights. Our team conducts property surveys, thoroughly evaluates project proposals, and engages in productive negotiations with landowners to reach mutually beneficial agreements. In situations where consensus proves elusive, we are well-versed in utilizing eminent domain, a legal mechanism that empowers government entities to secure private properties for public benefit.

This Is How We Work

We excel in the complex task of determining fair market values for both land and easements. This entails meticulous research into comparable property sales, consideration of location, zoning, potential land uses, and anticipated property improvements. Once the fair market value is established, we facilitate negotiations between the acquiring entity and landowners to establish a purchase price or easement compensation that is equitable and just.

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